So you wanna' peck, er..peek into the personal lives of some Chickenites. Go ahead and click on a little picture if ya' want. Pictures contributed by Josea Busby, Evelyne Soubeyrand, and Doug DeVore.

34k Chicken in the winter

30k Doug & Evelyne in the bar

22k Chicken Postmaster Robin

22k Evelyne vs. The Bear!

11k No, there ain't no darn restrooms!

26k Wolfgang on the rampage

15k Callie and the Joy of......Cooking

30k Evelyne on a cold day

32k A Before and After shot of Sue in the Wild Tire Ride

35k Haircuts for a nominal fee

34k The suburbs of Chicken

67k Beautiful Downtown Chicken, Alaska

27k Have a hunk of bear with Otis

23k Nate loses a bet

27k Kim, Josea, Emmy, Darcy, and Jamie at the Post Office

24k Callie & Evelyne & shameless product plugs

24k Josea and Kim ponder life

21k Darcy and Emmy in the annual talent show

56k Dana and Bill's wedding

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