Douglas Devore... the webmaster of the Chicken Alaska website. If you have general Chicken questions, questions about the store, or problems with the fowl humor on this website, go ahead and contact him.

In the past, Doug worked as a Chicken tour guide, bartender, shirt folder, floor sweeper, general errand guy who really shouldn't have been driving Sue's truck around quite so fast on that dirt road, and cook. His father mined in Chicken from 1984 to 2006, and now mines in Nome.

Susan Wiren...
...never sleeps. She's up every morning at some unearthly hour to make you your cinnamon roles - I hope you're happy. She more than often single-handedly keeps "Beautiful Downtown Chicken" running.

If you need to give notice about incoming tour buses, want to make a special request order from the physical store, or want to comment on that lovely hat in her picture there, then contact Susan.