The Chicken Game!

The Ultimate Chicken Challenge

This is a 6 Question Quiz. At the end of the quiz, click "GRADE QUIZ" to see how you did! Then, try to figure out which answers to change to get a perfect score. You can also click "Give Me A Hint" if you're desperate.

Question #1: During a visit to Chicken, you will find:

    A). Full-indoor plumbing, cable TV, and a McDonalds.
    B). Full-indoor plumbing, cable TV, and a Pizza Hut.
    C). An outhouse.

Question #2: A resident of Chicken is called a:

    A). Chickenian
    B). Chickenite
    C). Chickensan

Question #3: The main mineral export of Chicken is:

    A). Garnet
    B). Gold
    C). Jade

Question #4: Which of the following is true about Chicken?

    A).You must check your guns and knives at the bar.
    B).Spitting is not allowed within city limits on Sundays.
    C).The fire department burnt down in 1982.

Question #5: Which of the following items can you buy in the Chicken gift shop?

    A). A Chicken Umbrella and "Bocking" Chicken Rainboots.
    B). A Chicken Needlepoint Kit and Non-spillable Chicken Commuter Mug.
    C). A Chicken Graduation Pen Holder and Special Chicken Stationary Set.

Question #6: The "official" incorporated name of Chicken is:

    A). Ptarmigan
    B). Whiskey Creek
    C). Chicken. It's called Chicken darn it! Stupid trick question.